Protect your business against cyber threats with built-in automation and intelligence

365 Architechs Cybersecurity Framework

365 Architechs Cybersecurity Framework

Years ago, cyber defences consisted of anti-virus software and a firewall.  Today appropriate measures include solutions for data loss prevention, advanced threat protection, information rights management, multi-factor authentication, conditional access and more. 


Cyberattacks have emerged as a top threat for all organisations with significant financial, operational and reputational damage being reported in the news regularly.  No business is safe from these advanced persistent threats.


The good news is that protection against most cyber threats is relatively easy to implement, are inexpensive and have a low impact on users.  Nevertheless, many organisations fail to install even the simplest of measures. 


Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving practice, requiring specialist skills and knowledge.


365 Architechs have deep experience in protecting cloud environments, including managing cultural change and working with teams to improve security hygiene factors. 

Solutions are available for: