365A Cybersecurity Diagnostic

Get a clear view of your organisation's cybersecurity effectiveness and attack readiness.

What is a 365A Cybersecurity Diagnostic?

A cybersecurity diagnostic is a tool used to identify an organisation's current cybersecurity effectiveness as well as a key method in determining cyber-attack readiness and preparedness. 

A diagnostic helps uncover existing weaknesses and risk exposures your organisation may face.  

The 365A Cybersecurity Diagnostic is perfect for business owners, board members, executives and non-technical IT professionals who need to understand the current state-of-play and cybersecurity maturity within their organisation.

What is included?

The 365A Cybersecurity Diagnostic consists of four stages:


Stage 1: Questionnaire

Stage 2: Analysis of findings

Stage 3: Documentation of opportunities

Stage 4: Final report


The questionnaire can be completed by any number of individuals, including business owners, directors, executives, managers, team members, or outsourced technology service providers. 


The results of this questionnaire will assist in identifying any existing weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the organisations approach to cybersecurity, and the opportunities available to continuously improve existing systems.

A final report is provided to you which highlights key areas needed to address as well as an outline of any current high-risk exposures.

This report provides comprehensive recommendations that assist in strengthening your cybersecurity posture and mitigating risks.

You will also receive a Cybersecurity Information Pack which provides further insight into common cyber risks that many organisations may not be aware of.

How does it benefit you?

A Cybersecurity Diagnostic improves cybersecurity literacy and empowers non-technical people in your organisation to ask the right questions in regard to risks and threats. This helps your organisation to understand, control and mitigate different cyber risks your systems may face.

A diagnostic provides a clear view of your baseline cybersecurity maturity and attack readiness. You will gain key insight to your exposure to security threats and increase visibility of any vulnerabilities.