Business Central

Streamline, manage and grow your business with integrated Cloud Accounting Software

A powerful, single solution for growing businesses

Have you outgrown your accounting software?  Do you need a single source of truth instead of lots of separate systems?  Are you interested in automating processes, leveraging artificial intelligence or accessing your information from anywhere? 

Business Central provides the essential tools to manage and sustain a growing business. Tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that easily and seamlessly connects systems and processes.

It includes a comprehensive general ledger that supports multiple companies, currencies and languages with an unlimited number of dimensions to track transactions by any combination of locations, teams, departments, salespeople, regions, vehicles, activities, projects or other classifications.

Use an unlimited number of budgets to compare actual activity to master budgets, quarterly forecasts, blue sky projections or other estimates.  

Produce automated cash flow projections based on expected receipts and payments, calculated by artificial intelligence algorithms.

For those business with multiple entities, process inter-company transactions and consolidate with ease.

Fully integrated inventory management, sales and purchases modules complete the supply chain and fixed assets, job costing, bank reconciliations and tax reporting complete the suite of features contained within the single application. Accessing the system is easy, using just a web browser, mobile app or outlook. 

Upgrade your reporting to live interactive dashboards using Microsoft Power BI to truly transform your insights into the operations of your business and make data-driven decisions instead of relying on gut feel.

Business Central is cloud-hosted by Microsoft, the global trusted leader in business applications and cybersecurity.

Business Central lets you access your systems from anywhere, to make smarter decisions that are powered by AI and help grow your business.

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