365A Cybersecurity Workshop

Build the awareness and resiliency to manage cybersecurity risks across your organisation.

What is a 365A Cybersecurity Workshop?

The 365A Cybersecurity Workshop assists in developing cybersecurity awareness for business owners, directors, executives, managers and team members so they can understand the risks, improve their defences and take a more proactive approach to engaging with cybersecurity professionals.

What is included?

The workshop includes the delivery of virtual classroom-style sessions via Microsoft Teams and the development of recommendations specific to each organisation covering the following sessions:

- Introduction to cybersecurity
- Identity Management & Device Protection
- Threat Protection and Data Protection
- Cybersecurity Management and Cyber Governance

Participants will be provided with a comprehensive pre-workshop questionnaire to complete.

This questionnaire assists our team in gauging your current cybersecurity posture and awareness to determine the scope of the workshop that will benefit you most.

This assessment aligns with the five pillars of cybersecurity governance including Identity Management, Threat Protection, Device Protection, Information Protection and Security Management.

Participants will actively engage throughout the workshop as they develop their cybersecurity vocabulary, understanding of cyber risks and plans for remedial action.

You will also receive a Cybersecurity Information Pack which provides further insight into common cyber risks that many organisations may not be aware of.

What are the benefits

Cybersecurity awareness is a critical first step in protecting organisations from the risks associated with a cyber attack.

The 365A Cybersecurity Workshop helps organisations build their internal cybersecurity awareness and defence capabilities, providing them with the toolkit to manage emerging risks.