Scheduled Meetings

Host inclusive and secure meetings with an advanced suite of interactive features.

Advanced Meeting Features

Microsoft Teams provides advanced meeting features for the modern, flexible worker. Join a meeting from any device, in any location with access to a suite of features that fair outweigh traditional conference call experiences.

Microsoft Teams integrates closely with Outlook, helping you save time and stay organised. You can schedule meetings from your Microsoft Teams calendar, Outlook calendar or from a Teams channel. Where required these can be recurring meetings.

For example, you can schedule a meeting with your sales team at the same time each week, to ensure targets are reviewed on a regular basis.

When it comes to participating in meetings, it is important that all members experience clear sound and video quality. If you are meeting in a busy location, to prevent unwanted background noise AI-based noise suppression ensures your audio is not compromised. 

Virtual breakout rooms can be an effective tool to emulate classroom and workshop-style learning.

Breakout rooms are ideal for collaborative work such as virtual group discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Microsoft Teams also offers the ability to add polls to meetings for real-time surveys, spotlight users to highlight presenters and end-of-meeting notifications to prevent organisers from losing track of time. 

Connect Securely

The rise of virtual meetings also presents a need for an extra layer of security.

Microsoft Teams enables you to host secure and inclusive meetings by implementing strong controls and policies.

Meeting organisers can prevent disruptions by disabling attendee audio/video feeds and manage user permissions by assigning presenter roles. 

To manage meeting access, the organiser can create a secure meeting lobby and decide who can bypass it automatically as well as control when attendees are admitted.

Lock your meeting to prevent uninvited guests from joining and set a meeting expiration policy so the meeting can only be accessed for a certain amount of time after the event.

These security features provide peace of mind that only the intended participants can join, interact and access your meetings.