Send an Announcement to a Microsoft Teams Channel

Announcement posts in Microsoft Teams channels are an effective way of creating an eye-catching message to ensure all team members stay informed.


Create an Announcement


Navigate to the channel you want to post in and select New conversation.





Select Format in the message box.





Select New conversation > Announcement.





From here you can add a post headline, customise the background colour or add an image, as well as subtitle and body text.





When you have finished your announcement post, select Send.


If you need to post the same announcement across several channels, select Post in multiple channels and select your chosen channels. It is important to note that if you edit an announcement post that is in multiple channels, these changes will appear in each one.




What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the digital teamwork hub for modern businesses, facilitating collaboration with workspace chat, audio and video conferencing, shared file storage and application integration.

Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 family and is accessible via desktop, mobile and web devices.

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