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Digital Transformation

Cloud computing has brought about a seismic shift in the way organisations leverage technology in search of strategic objectives.

Technology is an enabler, ready to support boards, management, operational and administrative teams to improve productivity, manage risks, pursue opportunities and grow market share.

But digital transformation is so much more than just putting documents into a cloud. True digital transformation operates across four perspectives, supported by data privacy and cybersecurity with overarching governance of technology.

365 Architechs provide a suite of products and services to support digital transformation projects for your organisation.


Reputational damage, financial loss and business interruption were seen as significant potential negative impacts of cyberattacks on organisations. In 2023, ASIC, the corporate regulator, added the risk of regulatory fines and penalties through its successful prosecution of a company who failed to take adequate steps to protect its systems and customer data from attack.

Insurance companies, investors, employees and customers are acutely aware of the risks cyber events present, and want to understand how systems and personal data are protected.

Company directors have duties to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to protect their organisations against losses caused by cyberattacks. The cybercriminals continue to evolve with the sophistication of their attacks, fueled by advancements in AI, requiring a continual improvement approach be adopted by cyber defences.

Cybersecurity is a specialist field, often outside the skill set and capability of internal IT teams. It's a whole-of-business problem that deserves appropriate resourcing, funding and oversight to adequately manage the risks for all organisations today.

Artificial Intelligence

There is a tremendous amount of hype regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the market, with lots of claims of projects being undertaken with little analysis post implementation.

However, there is no question that AI is here to improve productivity and make lives easier for all of us. The issue for most organisations, is how to start the journey.

In fact, for most, the journey has already begun. AI is now powering many applications we use daily – deciding what emails we should focus our attention on, trapping spam and other cyber threats and assisting in forecast modelling.

There is an opportunity to realise significant cost savings, performance improvements and process automation by leveraging the power of AI.