The Cybersecurity Challenge for SMEs is Unique

The Cybersecurity Challenge for SMEs is Unique

Large organisations have the benefit of a substantial pool of resources to leverage in protecting digital assets, but smaller organisations often need to be creative when allocating their limited resources as every hour and dollar spent on cybersecurity is time and money not directed towards the delivery of products and services to customers.

Even where resources are available, smaller organisations don’t typically have deep cybersecurity skills and experience within their teams. 

The question of who should be responsible for protecting the organisation against cyber threats is a complex one.  Ultimately, the board is responsible, and the CEO is charged with managing the day to day operations of the organisation.

Responsibilities are delegated to managers but not all businesses have the luxury of an internal IT team.  CIOs and IT Managers often aren’t trained in the complexities of cyber security, and less so line managers.

This is the reason why so many SMEs outsource cybersecurity to specialist organisations.  Simply expecting your outsourced IT provider to have contemporary knowledge of adequate defences and continually evolving threats is not good enough.

Engage with a specialist cybersecurity organisation or build an internal capability to detect, respond and recover from inevitable attacks on your business. 365 Architechs offers 3 comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for small businesses. Choose from a Cybersecurity Audit, a Cybersecurity Workshop and a Cybersecurity Diagnostic.

Contact us today to find out how these solutions can help you leverage your existing systems to strengthen your cybersecurity resiliency.  

Learn more: SME Cybersecurity Toolkit – 365 Architechs

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Tim Timchur, Managing Director, 365 Architechs, is a qualified accountant, cybersecurity professional and governance and risk management expert.


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